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Local 441 members have been requesting the ability to pay their member dues on-line and now it is available to you!

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The first time you log in, use your login and password information as provided.


Once you log in, you are taken to a secure site.  You first need to select Change Profile on the menu on the left hand side of your screen.  Please make sure your member information is current.
Please note! You must enter an email address in order to make a credit card payment. This is a requirement of the credit card system.


Your personal data will show on the screen in these fields.  In order to update, you will need to select the Edit button first.  Make any changes and Save when you are finished.  You can also choose to set up a new username and password.  Save when you are finished. 

Next, select Dues on the menu on the left hand side of your screen.  You now will see your current account status and can pay your account in full by selecting the Credit Card button at the bottom of the screen.


Complete the following screen and click Purchase to complete your transaction.  Please note! You must enter the address and phone number information that is associated with the credit card billing address.


You will see a Get Receipt button. If you choose, you can print this receipt for your records. Each day, your union office staff runs a process which brings these credit card payments over to our system and we will send you a receipt.

Some additional information regarding the on-line dues system:


You may do the following:


Other notes:

Get Started

Please Note

Payments received on the last business day of the month must be processed no later than 4pm CST. Members owing 3 months dues on the last business day that have not made payment by 4pm CST will be subject to a reinstatement fee. 

Please call the Hall at (316) 265-4291 during regular office hours and we will be happy to assist you in this new process. 

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